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Invest with us and you will be able to:

✔ Earn top-of-industry SECURED NET returns from 10% to 14% within a year for fix-and-flip properties!

✔ Invest flexible amounts as little as USD $100,000 all-in!

✔ Have 7 day a week access to an account manager!

✔ View your property 24 hours a day live!

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Why Zeegar?

  • SECURED top-of-industry return – Our secured returns from 10% to 14% NET in 12 months are better than almost all competitors
  • Flexible, low investments – Investors can invest flexible amounts as low as $100K all-in cost
  • Security of rental payments – Our Section 8 / Housing Choice Voucher rental properties’ rental income is paid by the U.S. government
  • Transparency-Each investor can log on to their own profile page where they can check weekly updated property status and enjoy 24-hour live view of the property
  • High quality rehab – Unlike our competitors, our construction team is in-house, allowing us to maintain high rehab standard while lowering rehab costs for our clients
  • Hassle-free process – We offer an end-to-end service that saves you the headache of monitoring property purchase, renovation and sales
  • High professionalism – Each investor will have access to an account manager 7 days a week
  • Long track record – Our investment team has over 40 years of combined experience in Chicago real estate investment; our construction team has over 100 years of combined experience in building and renovating Chicago real estate


Zeegar will source a property that has the highest investment potential


Renovations are done to the highest standard to maximise profits


Partnering with Berkshire Hathaway ensures your property is sold quickly

Why Chicago?

  • Third largest city in the USA
  • Strong interest from China with over 40 Chinese businesses including Huawei
  • A diverse private sector spread across multiple industries
  • Very strong rental demand
  • Home to President Obama
  • 30 Fortune 500 companies
  • Home to four major financial exchanges
  • High capital appreciation
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Our Trusted Partners

What Our Clients Say 

“Zeegar’s work ethic and professionalism is a great model for fellow colleagues involved in the commercial real estate industry. If the opportunity to work with them exists, take it!”

Thomas - Client from Indiana, USA
“I’d just like to thank Zeegar in helping me with my investment. I made a return of 15%. I can thoroughly recommend them to any investor!”
Spencer - Client from London, UK
“I’d just like to thank Zeegar in helping me with my investment. I made a return of 20% net.”
Tom - Client from Chicago, USA

Samples Of Previous Projects

Fix and Flip

 Net Profit: $17,261  Net Return: 10%

Total invested: $172,611  Time frame: 10 months


Net Profit: $20,630  Client Return: 14.1%

Total invested: $146,300  Time frame: 7 months

Sample Track Record

Address Property Type Investment Type Total Cost Net Sales Profits Net Yields
8228 S.Kenwood Single Family Home Flip $19,950 $23,700 $3,750 18.8%
5342 S.Wells 2-Units Flip $24,500 $28,000 $3,500 14.2%
7830 S.Muskegon 2-Units Fix and Flip $120,500 $137,500 $17,000 14.1%
4953 W.Grenshaw 2-Units Fix and Flip $109,600 $127,000 $17,000 15.9%
5219 S.Indiana Single Family Home Fix and Flip $135,000 $159,000 $24,000 17.7%
11217 S.Wentworth 3-Units Rental $146,300 Rented $20,630 14.1%
7137 S.Constance Single Family Home Fix and Flip $172,611 $205,905 $33,294 19.3%
8203 S.Harper Single Family Home Fix and Flip $105,000 $125,250 $20,250 19.3%
1211 W.Garfield 4-Units Rental $192,500 Rented $33,948 17.6%